You can find just about anything online these days – including how-to guides to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy on your own.


However, just because it’s possible doesn’t mean filing for Chapter 13 on your own is a good idea. 


There are key reasons you need to hire a bankruptcy attorney to represent you.


Your Repayment Plan Needs To Be Approved

When filing for Chapter 13, you must submit a plan to the court on how you will repay your debt. This plan then also needs to be approved, accepted and facilitated by the court. This isn’t just something where you can write down a number you want to pay each month, show it to the court, and write a monthly check. A lot goes into these plans, and they can be difficult to get approved. Without an experienced lawyer’s expertise, you are unlikely to create a repayment plan that meets the court’s guidelines and gets confirmed. 


You Need To Know the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws

When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, you can rest assured that your lawyer knows the relevant laws you need to follow and that you are adhering to the correct legal process. What happens when you represent yourself? Do you know all of the bankruptcy laws? Do you know the bankruptcy process you need to follow? Do you know the right way to complete your documents and how to file them correctly? 


You need to know all of this information to get your repayment plan approved. 


An experienced attorney can take the guesswork out of this process for you. Instead of stressing about the process (which may already be making you anxious), you can trust that an attorney is doing the work for you and taking care of details so you don’t have to worry about them.


You Might Not Get the Best Deal

Your repayment plan is based on your disposable income. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you get the best deal possible to ensure these payments are affordable. 


When filing on your own, it’s up to you to figure out your monthly payments. While a court-appointed trustee will collect your payments, they are not there to counsel you. And actually, they get a percentage of the money you pay towards your bills, so it is in their interest to have you pay the highest monthly bill possible. 


Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Could Be Dismissed

Making errors during your bankruptcy proceedings could result in the court dismissing your case. If you fail to make deadlines, file the right forms, complete credit counseling classes, provide documents, and comply with proper procedures, your case could be thrown out. 


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney knows what steps need to be taken and what deadlines need to be met to ensure your case is accepted. 


If your case is dismissed, it could cause a delay in when you can file again. This can create even more debt for you, and it can result in creditors harassing you and taking other actions to collect the debt.


Hire a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney. A lawyer can review your case, help you understand the process, help you file the right documents with the court – on time – and help you navigate any potential issues that pop up throughout your case. 


Contact an Attorney

When you need an Oklahoma City bankruptcy attorney to help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney. A bankruptcy attorney can help you determine what you can and cannot do and answer all of your questions so you know what to expect. Don’t let debt ruin your life. Call (405) 529-9377 for a free case review.

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