It could happen to any of us.

You were involved in a car accident and suffered a severe back injury. Now you are in severe pain with limited mobility, and unable to work – meaning you have no income coming in.

What options do you have to provide for your family? Filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI claims) can be one solution.

However, you might be shocked to learn that the majority of SSDI claims are denied.

It’s not because claims are not legit, or that the Social Security Administration doesn’t believe that you are severely injured. It’s typically because of preventable errors committed when filing your claim.

Learn what common mistakes can lead to claims being denied, and how you can avoid these.

Top Reasons SSDI Claims May Be Denied

When you file for SSDI benefits, it’s essential to have all of your T’s crossed and I’s dotted, and to make sure you followed all of the steps correctly. Making errors on your claim can cause your claim to be denied – even if you should qualify for benefits. This can prevent you from getting the compensation that you need.

Some of the most common reasons your claim might be denied are:

  • Lack of Medical Evidence: When you file a claim, you must provide evidence of what your injury is, and how it prevents you from working. Without proper medical records and documents, your claim may be denied.
  • File Multiple Applications: If your initial claim is denied and you feel you qualify for benefits, then you should file an appeal. You should not submit multiple applications. Filing several applications can increase your chances of having your claim denied.
  • Your Income Is Too High: SSDI is meant for individuals who are unable to work. If you are still working and earning a significant income, you may be ruled ineligible for benefits and your claim can be denied.
  • You Didn’t Follow Doctor’s Advice: When you are injured, you need to follow your doctor’s advice on what treatments to get and medications to take, and other care instructions. Failure to follow these can result in your claim being denied, as your status could be due to a lack of treatment and not the injury itself.
  • Fail to Cooperate During Application Process: If you fail to comply with the SSA’s request for information during the application process, your claim may be denied.

How to Avoid Having Your SSDI Claim Denied

When filing an SSDI claim, it’s essential to follow the steps outlined by the SSA. It’s also crucial to hire an experienced attorney.

An attorney can help you navigate through the SSDI claim process to ensure your paperwork is filed correctly. He or she can also help you obtain the needed medical documents, evidence, and more.

Your attorney can also help you determine if you qualify for benefits and can set expectations for what you can expect – especially if there is a hearing about your case.

If your claim is denied, an attorney can help you determine the next steps – including filing an appeal. Your lawyer can then help you file the documents, determine what information you need to submit, and help you put together a solid case to get the decision reversed.

 Contact an Attorney

If you think you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance and you want to file a claim, it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney to help you through the process and get the money you are owed. Don’t let debt ruin your life. Call (405) 529-9377 for a free case review.

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