Why You Must Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy petition

People still hesitate to file for bankruptcy to get rid of the unpaid credits they have. There are valid reasons behind it. There are many companies who assure people with a hassle-free bankruptcy filing experience, but in reality, people suffer. For the misleading information and guidance, they choose inappropriate chapters for bankruptcy and they end up losing all their properties, facing creditors’ harassments and getting no help from the companies they have been assured from.

This is the reason why it is recommended to hire a reputed and experienced bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK.

At first, let’s take a look at the beneficial sectors of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Mostly, people suffer filing this because of inadequate knowledge. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will have the option to rebuild your financial structures. The benefits include

  • According to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are eligible to pay off the creditors as soon as possible; it is often mentioned as debt forgiveness. With the right guidance, most of the bankruptcy cases are dissolved within six months.

  • People can get rid of the creditors’ continuous calls and harassments. With the filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the judge put an automatic stay on the creditors that compels them to stay away from contacting you.

  • The damage you make in your credit score with Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be repaired gradually with your good financial management.

An experienced Attorney With His Client

Why an Attorney?

Most of the people who are not benefitted with Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is because of the inexperienced lawyer or the attempt of ‘doing it yourself’. Without an experienced attorney, the terms of law wouldn’t be comprehensible for you and here, you will make the mistake. We are giving you some more reasons to rely on the bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK.

  • For filing bankruptcy, you would need a proper planning at first. It is about to get a solution for your ongoing financial problems. The planning will include the bankruptcy chapter you should file for getting rid of harassments. And, only the bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK, can suggest you with that.

  • After planning and before execution, you would need to prepare. The lawyer will process an application and determine whether you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or not. Next, the assets are valued. Let your bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK, to use the exemption rule in your state. Lastly, the dischargeable debts are determined as all the debts cannot be wiped out under bankruptcy.

  • In the process of bankruptcy, the lawyer will help you complete the schedules and other paperwork including income, expenses, assets and others associated with financial transactions. The lawyer will provide you with a full testimony of the entire thing. He or she will negotiate with your creditors and keep an eye on whether they are violating the rules or not.

For a reliable and experienced bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK, you need to go to a reputed law firm. Chris Mudd and Associates is there for the people to help them in their financial troubles. Come to us and find a better way out.