When you’re drowning in debt, filing for bankruptcy can be the smartest solution for your financial future. It can be the key to getting a fresh start. However, if you’re thinking about going through the process alone, you should reconsider and instead hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

An attorney can provide many benefits, including:

Guide You Through the Bankruptcy Process

Resolving any legal issue can be complicated, but it can be even more complex when your finances are involved. You need an expert who has successfully helped others navigate the bankruptcy process, and who knows the ins and outs of the laws.

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine what the best solution is for your situation and can help relieve some of your stress by guiding you through the steps.

Assess Your Finances

It’s essential to understand where you are financially, and what type of bankruptcy best fits your situation. A bankruptcy lawyer can assess your complete financial situation, evaluate your debt and income, and help you determine the best course of action to take. Your attorney can also help you understand how much debt you may be responsible for after your bankruptcy is finalized.

Save Your Assets

One of the common fears of filing for bankruptcy is that you will lose your property and assets. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you hang onto these items. While you will likely have to liquidate some of your property to pay off debt, your attorney can help you protect your exempt assets – including your home, car, and other necessities.

Negotiate With Creditors

It can be difficult to negotiate with creditors when trying to settle your debt with them on your own. However, it can be beneficial to have an attorney reach out. The creditor may be more responsive when working with an attorney as they have experience in dealing and negotiating with creditors.

Complete Paperwork Correctly

Filing for bankruptcy requires a lot of paperwork. This needs to be completed correctly and on time to continue with your bankruptcy proceedings. An error on your paperwork can result in delays or even a dismissal of your case.

End Harassment From Creditors

A bankruptcy lawyer can put an end to intimidating calls, letters, and visits from creditors. Filing for bankruptcy should put an automatic stay on all collection attempts, but if a creditor continues to harass you, your attorney can take steps to put an end to their attempts.

Save Money

Are you trying to file bankruptcy on your own to avoid paying lawyer fees? This can backfire. If you make a mistake with the complex paperwork or make an error in the process, it can end up costing you more money to hire a lawyer to fix it later than if you had started the process with a bankruptcy lawyer from the beginning.

Provide Advice

When you hire an attorney, you are also hiring all the expertise and knowledge they’ve gained from helping previous clients. This can include understanding the bankruptcy process, knowing all of the rules and regulations, knowing what to expect during the court process, having previous experience working with creditors, and so much more. You will be able to tap into this knowledge as you navigate your bankruptcy and any potential obstacles that might come up.

  Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? If so, it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney to help you through the process, answer your questions, assess your financial situations, and help you achieve the best financial outcome for you. Don’t let debt ruin your life. Call (405) 529-9377 for a free case review by our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

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